InkBridge For GMS

InkBridge For GMS


Version 1.0 NOW RELEASED!  Free tool to use for any projects including commercial projects.

Feel free to support project by purchasing a commercial license of my GUI Widget library for GameMaker:Studio 😉

Yes IT’S TRUE!   You can now use InkScape to manage your Room/Levels in GameMaker Studio.

InkBridge Two-Way interface between GameMaker Studio Room and InkScape SVG files.

Supports two-way interface for adding/removing/editing instances and objects for room files. Supports two-way interface for rotation, copy & paste, scaling and custom code creation for all room objects. Also you can use the SVG to gml code to have inkscape be your level editor as well!

NEW!!!  Tiles support is now implemented.  With full support for tile depth levels.

You should watch this video on youtube for instructions on install and usage.

Watch YouTube Tutorial by clicking here…

Download Version 1.01 Here:  (contains no spyware/adware/or other junk like that)

InkBridge v1.01 (829 KB)

1> Unzip all files to a folder of your choice.
2> create shortcut to exe file to run.





9 thoughts on “InkBridge For GMS

    1. I’ve updated the download link to beta v 0.95 that will work till June/2014…hopefully by then I’ll release a final version. let me know how it goes….David

      1. I have tried it, run but i’m not able to move anything and i also saw that the scale of some collisions and some objects are not recognized or used. Is it normal ? When i try to edit i can’t move anything in the room and also it seem to open InternetExplorer, i have to download something different ?

        Thanks a lot for your support.

        1. sure, you need to setup inkscape to be your default viewer for *.SVG files in windows. Usually you just right-click on an svg file in explorer, open-with other and choose-default program. Also, if you want to open the SVG manually, press the button “Open Project Explorer” in inkbridge and you will find the room.svg files in there as well. Let me know how it goes!

          1. Hi,
            i have a problem and i also need to understand something.
            When i open the object folder and a drug and drop an object to the inkscape it doesn’t show, it ask me to link or embed but when i select ok it doesn’t appear in the editor.

            You show in the video how to add a level but you seem to create a script for it, so i can only create new levels as script ? i can’t create and add a new room ?


          2. when you drag & drop, you just need to select link (not embed) for it to work…if it still doesn’t work then try on a sample project and see if it works then.

            for level editing, depends on your type of game/levels. You can either use the same room and just use the script for level design (like in my video sample). Or if you want to create a different room per level, then you just need to create the room in GMStudio first and then modify with this tool…this tool cannot create a new room in GMStudio, you need to create the room in GMStudio first before editing.

            Keep me posted on how it goes….

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