Touch LCD module TFT 2.4 inch for Arduino/ioT IL9341

Touch LCD module TFT 2.4 inch for Arduino/ioT IL9341


2.4″ TFT LCD Touchscreen Specs

  • QVGA Resolution (240 X 320)
  • Graphic Driver: IL9341
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 4 wire resistive touchscreen
  • A reset button on top

Hey,  just got this little touch screen shield for under $4 USD from Ali….

(link may be dead, I don’t endorse any seller in particular but I do list where I got it.)

Board came well wrapped, but no documentation so lots of trial and error getting it to work with the libraries.  I’d probably spend a few more dollars and get an SPI version, this shield takes a lot of pins. (I’m still trying to figure out the minimum since I don’t need the sdcard yet).    I have an SPI touch screen coming from Ali as well….so I’ll update when I get that one too.

my youtube video of it working…

I started with this link :

You can start there but the code on the page didn’t work for my unit;

Once you have all the libraries installed from the above link, you can try this code and see if it works for your unit.  I really just needed to adjust some the define pins and swap the x/y for my unit to work.

Here’s the drawing sketch I modified:

I’ll update my progress with this screen!


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