Home of PinUP Pinball System

Home of PinUP Pinball System

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My current BIG project has been writing the awesome PinUP Virtual Pinball System.  Which gives the virtual pinball community a great front-end and an integrated Media Plug-in for virtual pinball games!  It is free for personal home based install/use…(commercial-sales/install not allowed!)   If you purchased/paid for any hardware that included PinUP pre-configured then you are using an unlicensed copy of PinUP.  

With THOUSANDS of users in the virtual pinball community the PinUP System (Front-end and Player) it is the most popular choice for people that want to get the most features and ‘flair’ from their virtual pinball cabinet!

See PinUP Popper (front-end)  in action here:


or take a a look at a sample PinUP Player Table:

Here is a photo library of my current hardware build.  https://goo.gl/photos/drKNN17pmMiEeZBX7

PINUP WIKI is where you grab the files and all install instructions.


Come join our PinUP System FB group that has over 4,000 members!!!


David (NailBuster)