Thanks for stopping by…. My name is David and I’ll be updating my website with my adventures in mobile development and Internet of Things.   I’ve been in software development/design for 30+ years!! and I really enjoy the changes in the past few years with all the ‘fun’ hardware and internet enabled devices that are now/soon available.

My hobby adventure in mobile gaming is/was fun….funny seeing the reaction to people when you tell them you’ve written some mobile games…it’s like telling them “you’re in a rock band”…..but I still plan on releasing more interesting type games when I have the time.  I’m a “winter” type of programmer…even though I’m in Toronto, Canada I don’t like anything about cold/snow (give me beach weather everyday!)…so when winter arrives I tend to have plenty of time to ‘play’.

OH,  and as a tangent….if you want to learn how to solve the rubik’s cube….my son solves it in under 10 seconds!….I made a video series a few years back on solving the cube (from easy…to more advanced).  Here’s a link to youtube video.

bye for now


Feel free to email if you have any questions!